Online Group Exhibition – “To Infinity and Beyond” Winter 2023

Analog Forever Magazine is proud to present “To Infinity and Beyond” an online group exhibition featuring 35 photographs created with film and analog processes, curated by Crista Dix, the Executive Director of the Griffin Museum of Photography.

Crista Dix writes:

Looking towards a bright future, finding joy in chaos and mayhem, peace in a noisy world, learning something new, these are all ways looking at photographs are the best part of my day. Your submissions transport me to stories untold, visions to be framed of and places yet to be seen. The images submitted varied, ranging from earth to the stars, real to imagined, documentary to narrative, throughout the spectrum of ideas and processes, all showed love of craft.

A recurring theme that stayed with me was the use of light in all of these images, of how we illuminate the world around us. Transiting time and space, we are taken down a path that is illuminated for us, yet not providing answers so we can continue to write our own stories. In these selected images I found the moon, stars and sky alongside the grounding vision of family, of our own bodies inhabiting space or all connecting in a moment together. All sharing a collective desire to reach beyond who we are, where we are and strive for the unknown.

Thank you for sharing your dreams and visions with me and with the world.

Online Group Exhibition – “To Infinity and Beyond” Winter 2023